Naked Tampons (12 month supply)

Naked Tampons (12 month supply)

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☁️ 100% certified organic cotton
❌ Zero harmful chemicals or pesticides
❤ 1% donated to fighting period poverty
📦 Paid & shipped upfront for €4.95 / £4.40

What’s in the bundle?

  • 12x pouches of naked tampons, 12 tampons per pouch

Absorbency options:

  1. Regular: 12x regular tampon pouches
  2. Super: 12x super tampon pouches
  3. Mixed: 6x regular tampon pouches & 6x super tampon pouches
Absorbency Level

Delivered every 12 months ▪️ Cancel anytime

I love Riley!

“I’ve never tried tampons before as i was cautious of the chemicals in the tampons in the shops. But I tried Riley and it was beyond my expectations. I’m very happy this company is here, providing the great quality products that they do.”

Louise, IE - Verified Buyer

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12x period pouches of your choice
✓ 12 months worth shipped upfront for just €4.95 / £4.40
✓ 3 months worth of period care, completely FREE
✓ Saves on carbon emissions
✓ Never run out again

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  • Derma Tested

    Say goodbye to irritation

  • Healthier for you

    Zero harmful chemicals or toxins

  • Eco is best

    100% certified organic cotton

  • Better for others

    1% of every order donated