Pads & Naked Tampons (12 month supply)

Pads & Naked Tampons (12 month supply)

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☁️ 100% certified organic cotton
❌ Zero harmful chemicals or pesticides
❤ 1% donated to fighting period poverty
📦 Paid & shipped upfront for €4.95 / £4.40

What’s in the bundle?

  • 6x pouches of pads
  • 6x pouches naked tampons

Absorbency options:

  1. Regular: 6x regular pad  pouches & 6x regular tampon  pouches
  2. Super:  6x super pad pouches & 6x super tampon pouches
Absorbency Level

Delivered every 12 months ▪️ Cancel anytime

Everything about Riley is amazing!

"The pads are so soft and absorbent, as someone with a heavy flow I can trust they won't leak! The tampons are seamless. With the bonus of knowing there are no harsh chemicals and they won't add to landfills! Last but by no means least they are Irish! Love Love Love!"

Ellen, IE - Verified Buyer

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12x period pouches of your choice
✓ 12 months worth shipped upfront for just €4.95 / £4.40
✓ 3 months worth of period care, completely FREE
✓ Saves on carbon emissions
✓ Never run out again

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  • Derma Tested

    Say goodbye to irritation

  • Healthier for you

    Zero harmful chemicals or toxins

  • Eco is best

    100% certified organic cotton

  • Better for others

    1% of every order donated