Introducing: Dr. Monica x Riley Partnership

Hold onto something quick, because you're in for a wild ride..

This right here is the partnership we've been ITCHING to shout about and we're so delighted to finally announce our partnership with Dr. Monica Peres Oikeh. 

At Riley, we're determined to make the lives of menstruators, and everyone who has a period, easier by de-mystifying fem health and educating our community as much as we possibly can - but we can't do it alone.

Don't get us wrong, everyone on the Riley team is obsessed with learning about our bodies, and we get a major KICK out of learning about a topic enough that we feel confident to talk about it with our community, with the aim of helping others become more aware about their bodies. There's no doubt that we're incredibly passionate about this and can research and educate ourselves about the female body as much as we can, but we wanted to find a medical professional who shared our mission and values, and who we could trust to make sure everything we're talking about on our platform is fully accurate, true and, frankly, information worth sharing to our community.

Enter Dr. Monica

Riley | Dr Monica - Medical Professional Rep

Dr. Monica Peres Oikeh, MB BAO BCh MICGP, is a dedicated medical professional specialising in women's health, dermatology, and health education. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, she actively engages with her audience through her TikTok and Instagram to educate her followers in her specialised fields and now, she'll joining the Riley team as our go-to medical professional.

Dr. Monica is a regular on Ireland AM as a trusted health contributor, she hosts a women's health series on RTE Player, and is a featured doctor on the Virgin Media show, The Clinic for Well People. Her expertise and commitment to patient care make her a trusted advocate in the field and we couldn't be happier to have her onboard.

Here's our why

Riley founders - Dr Monica Partnership

Here at Riley, we've got BIG plans. We want to become a leading fem health brand in order to educate ourselves and our community on all the things we should have learned in school i.e. absolutely everything related to our our bodies.

Not only are we sick of period stigma and shame that's always existed. Like helloooo, it's 2023, surely we can be done with this right? Unfortunately no.. there's a lot more work to do, but we're 100% on the right track, especially with this shiny new partnership. But we're also completely and utterly OVER the mystery behind everything to do with the female body and you better believe we're so determined to change it.

As part of this partnership we'll be sharing tonnes of fem health content on our website, on Instagram, on our newsletters, but we want to hear from you. Email us and let us know what you'd like to know more about so we can completely de-mystify everything we should have learned in school.

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