Why am I nauseous before my period?

Ever get that sick feeling when you know you’re about to vom? Not ideal, let me tell you! Feeling nauseous before your period is the PMS symptom that know one talks about yet it’s very real! And just because you feel like getting sick doesn’t mean you actually will. Which can be annoying, I mean come on, let’s bring this up and be done with it so I can go back to living life. Well, we’re here to explain why it happens…

Nausea before period

Some people experience nausea before their period, and it’s actually quite common. PMS happens about a week to 10 days before your period. It can be everything from mood swings to cramps to headaches to sore boobs and yep, you guessed it, nausea. Some people suffer really badly from PMS and others are lucky enough to never experience it. It’s all down to our biological make-up.

Premenstral Syndrome (PMS) | Nausea | Riley

If you begin to feel nauseous don’t panic, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re pregnant - it could just be a PMS symptom. Like with life, we go through ups and downs and depending on how stressful our month has been this can dictate whether our PMS is manageable or off the charts. How hectic has your life been in the last couple of weeks? But, we do advise to take a pregnancy test if it is a totally new symptom, can never be too careful 😉 

Okay let’s think, do you have trouble sleeping, headaches, not eating properly, not exercising… all of these lifestyle factors can cause havoc with our hormones. And what dictates how bad our PMS is? Those pesky hormones! So, what’s the take-away here? Happy hormones, less severe PMS. Well in theory anyway!

Should I be worried?

Nausea around your period is annoying and inconvenient but nothing to be worried about, in most cases. You can always speak to your GP if it’s something you would like to address or you feel something isn’t right. 

However, we advise you to contact a medical provider immediately if your nausea is a completely new symptom and it becomes overbearing very quickly. This could highlight that something else is at play and needs to be seen by a professional. You’ll know what’s normal for your body so if something is new or doesn’t feel quite right, then always seek medical attention. 

How to stop nausea before your period

The dream, am I right? So there’s no one-stop-shop to fix our nausea problems but there are a couple of solutions you guys might find useful:

  1. Staying hydrated - I mean, that really is the answer to all of life’s problems. The equivalent of ‘have you turned it off and on again?’
  2. Keeping cool - place a damp cloth on your face or neck to lower your body temperature
  3. Basic, plain food - we’re talking rich tea biscuits, crackers, toast. Basic Beige Food - BBF!
  4. Herbal Tea - especially ginger, peppermint or red raspberry leaf tea
  5. Fresh air - this can literally be standing at the door of your office and taking some deep breaths, it doesn’t have to be a 5 mile hike for you to reap the benefits of oxygen filled lungs.
  6. Acupressure - certain pressure points on our bodies help to elevate nausea. Follow this link to find out the best pressure points for nausea.

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