Our Story

We are Riley, we are changing the period game. Because we believe you deserve a stress-free period. Period.

How it started.

Riley began in front of an open fire as we were catching up following a long COVID-19 induced lockdown. While chatting over a glass of wine, an unexpected period arrived and typically, even though this happens monthly, there wasn't a tampon in sight.

After an inconvenient late-night trek to get the goods, we decided to call it a night. Complete mood kill. Over coffee the next day, this irritating problem fuelled the conversation around managing periods and we believed there was a better way. So we started to look for a solution. That led us down a shocking discovery path as it brought to light how much plastic waste we've been using for our periods since we were teenagers. Yikes. We couldn't find a sustainable solution that fit our lifestyles. Having never intended to go into business together, we left that day with the hint of an idea that would become Riley.

We became hooked on solving this problem after realising no one was going to do it for us. We were compelled to create an eco-friendly alternative that wouldn't harm our planet. Plus getting them delivered through our doors means we wouldn't have to call it an early night - a win win. Before we knew it, Riley was born.

Period Subscription Box

What we stand for.

We Are Sustainable.

At Riley, we're on a mission to end period plastic. That's why sustainability is one of our core values. Our products are made in Europe with an ethical manufacturer. Everyone involved in bringing Riley products to your door is paid a fair wage and has safe working conditions.

We know you don't want synthetic pesticides in your products. That's why we don’t use conventional cotton—anywhere. Wherever you see cotton in our products, it’s 100% certified organic.

Most of our packaging is biodegradable which means it won't end up as landfill or in our oceans. To find out more on how to dispose of your tampons and pads in the right way, read our FAQs.
From a clean supply chain to sustainable period care, you can rest assured we're doing the best for our planet and for you. 


100% Certified Organic Cotton tampons and pads



We Are Making A Difference.


Period poverty is an injustice and we strongly believe that we can be part of changing this.

To start, we've partnered with Development Pamoja, an Irish registered charity in Kenya that we personally know and trust. Currently 50-65% of young girls don't have access to proper sanitary products which results in them missing school. To combat this, we're providing sanitary products to them. Additionally, we believe education is power. That's why we're sponsoring doctor-led school visits to educate young girls in rural Kenya on menstrual health. We believe this will create a domino effect for the future.

Because periods should end sentences, not education.




We Are Here For You.

Periods aren't a choice but great period care is. We provide you with a convenient subscription delivered to your door, to work around your lifestyle. Unlike traditional period product giants, we'll never keep you guessing when it comes to knowing exactly what you are putting in your vagina. No mystery ingredients here.

We supply eco-friendly products delivered right to your door so you can sit back and live the life of Riley.