Forced to wear white? We got you.

Being a professional athlete must be challenging enough. Having to perform consistently while the whole world judges you... Imagine doing that on your period while being forced to wear white? Not only can performance be impacted by menstruation, but many athletes experience mental stress by having to wear white while they bleed. 

We at Riley believe you should be allowed to focus on the task at hand. And we want to help where we can. That's why we want to offer our free eco-friendly period products to any professional athlete that is forced to wear a white sports kit, despite the fact that they have a monthly period.

If you fall into that category, please get in touch by emailing with the subject line "Let me bleed in peace."


PRESS RELEASE: Period care brand Riley offers free products to any sports women forced to wear white

Female-founded business Riley believes athletes should be allowed focus on their sport

Dublin, Ireland - July 2022 - Today, period care brand Riley has announced that they will offer free period products to any professional athlete that is forced to wear a white sports kit, despite the fact that they have a monthly period. Riley, an eco-friendly period product subscription service, was founded on the belief that people deserve a healthy, sustainable solution to their period that also fits their lifestyle. Founded by three friends who were frustrated with the lack of attention given to period care, Riley launched during the pandemic to make the lives of menstruating people easier.

With many athletes, such as tennis star Monica Puig and English footballer Beth Mead, opening up about the mental stress of wearing white during their period, while also navigating symptoms that impact performance, the team at Riley felt compelled to help. Riley believes these sports women should be allowed to focus on their sport without any distractions like a potential leak on their white kit. One in two girls will drop out of sport before the age of thirteen; small changes like dark shorts can help girls play sports with confidence.

Fiona Parfrey, Riley co-founder said: “Having a period can be challenging enough. Having a period while wearing white shorts or skirts and trying to perform your best in front of the whole world to see is incredibly burdensome. It’s about time sporting organisations listen to their athletes, remove the anxiety of having to wear white while they bleed, and allow them to focus on their game. But until that happens, we at Riley want to help where we can. We’re in awe of these brilliant athletes and think they deserve better.” 

Riley is asking any professional athletes that are unhappy about wearing white while they play to contact them if they would like free eco-friendly period products delivered to their door. The athletes can customise their delivery to pick the right mix of products that suit their flow, and change their delivery date or address at any time to suit their busy schedules and life on-the-road.