Referral Program FAQs

How does the Riley Referral Program work?

Give your friends a HUGE 50% off. Share better period care with your friends by inviting them to sign up to a Riley subscription. Give your friends 50% off their first subscription order. How nice is that?!

NOTE: Your friends MUST use your specific referral link when placing their order. If they don’t, they won’t receive 50% off their first subscription.

What is a successful referral?

A referral is only successful when your friend uses your referral link to place their first order and doesn’t cancel it.

If your friend uses your referral link, their 50% off discount code will be automatically applied at checkout.

Can anyone be referred?

Nope, not everyone! Your friend needs to be a new customer (meaning they’ve never placed an order on our site before). They also need to have a valid email address.

Is there a cap on how many people I can refer?

Nope! You can refer as many friends as you like, the more the merrier 🙌🙌

How do I refer my friends?

Referring your friends is super easy, and there’s a couple of different ways to do it! Make sure you’re logged into your Riley account.

1. WhatsApp:
- If you’re using a mobile or a tablet, then the best way to refer your friends is with WhatsApp.
- Feel free to edit the pre-written text and click “Send Link via WhatsApp”.
- You should be prompted to open WhatsApp and choose the friends you’d like to share your referral link with.

2. Email:
- If you’re using a laptop or a PC, then the best way to refer your friends is via Email.
- Enter your friends email address and click “Send Link via Email”.
- Your friend will receive a Riley email with your referral link, and are on the road to a healthier period thanks to you!

NOTE: Make sure they check their spam folder in case it was sent there.

3. Other ways:
- There’s a couple of other ways to refer your friends too.
- You have the option to use Messages, Facebook Messenger or simply copy your specific referral link and sending it however you like!
- There’s options can be found under the main “Send Link” button above.