5 easy eco swaps

Ever feel like you're not doing enough to help our planet but at the same time, there's WAY too much info out there to get your head around? Can't just be me...

Look, perfection doesn't exist, but y'know what does? Easy. Eco. Swaps. 

We've got some simple (and realistic) sustainable swaps we think you'll love so let's just dive straight in, shall we??


1. Switch to sustainable period care

Yep, we're adding a cheeky plug here for ourselves! But did you know the average menstruating person uses 11,000 disposable tampons in their lifetime? That's the equivalent of 5,500 plastic bags which is mind-blowing because then most of these end up in landfill, or worse, our oceans. 

By making the switch to eco-friendly period products from Riley, you're saving disposable tampons from ending up in landfill, because our products are made with 100% organic cotton, contain zero harmful chemicals and will breakdown within 12 months. Find out more about this by clicking here.

Riley period care


2. Ditch the disposables

Whether you use plastic straws, disposable deodorant, or disposable coffee cups. By ditching the disposables & switching to reusables, you're reducing your impact on the environment.

Why not try reusable metal straws, natural refillable deodorant or cute reusable coffee cups. Speaking of reusables... have you seen our brand new, patented Reusable Applicator? It's easy to use and better for the environment, a total win-win situation if you ask us. 


3. Say goodbye to fast fashion

Thrifting & sustainable fashion is where it's at. Shopping second hand can be so much fun, & you can find some absolute GEMS. Plus when you shop sustainably within the fashion industry, you can rest easy knowing that everyone involved in the creation of an eco piece of fashion is paid fairly and treated with respect. 

4. Veganuary anyone? 

Ok ok, we know January's almost over, but what introducing some vegan or meat-free meals a few days a week? 

Reducing our meat consumption has a lot of benefits and is one of the most sufficient ways to reducing our impact on the environment. This is because switching to more meatless options can help to reduce greenhouse emissions, soil degradation, deforestation and increase biodiversity. Plus, there are SO many options out there when it comes to vegan food and it's actually really tasty. 

5. Clean but make it green

There's so many great swaps for cleaning but it can be overwhelming. Simply switching to eco cleaning supplies & re-using old rags as cloths can make an impact.

As well as that, there can harmful toxins & chemicals in mainstream cleaning products which can have a negative impact on our own bodies. 


In conclusion, nobody's perfect and there's so much noise out there when it comes to sustainability but if we make these small moves to being more eco-friendly, these are the kinds of swaps that can have a HUGE impact. 

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