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Riley Business Box

Riley Business Box

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Starting at just €56 per month, our Business Box is perfect for restaurants & cafes. Keep your customers and staff happy by supplying our eco-friendly period products in your bathrooms. We believe sanitary products should be treated like toilet paper and should be accessible to everyone when and where they need them.


  • FREE period product dispenser
  • FREE shipping 
  • Change delivery date or skip a delivery at any time
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Free of harmful toxins and chemicals
  • Better for our bodies and better for our planet
  • Delivered every 3 months 
  • Rolling subscription with no cancellation fee
  • Need a bigger supply? Contact us at

We have 2 types of Business Box

1. The Naked Tampon Business Box contains:
  • Eco-friendly Regular Naked Tampons x 100 
  • Eco-friendly Super Naked Tampons x 100 
  • Eco-friendly Regular Pads x 100
  • Eco-friendly Super Pads x 100
  • ✅ Less Packaging
2. The cardboard Applicator Tampon Business Box contains:
  • Eco-friendly Regular Applicator Tampons x 100 
  • Eco-friendly Super Applicator Tampons x 100 
  • Eco-friendly Regular Pads x 100
  • Eco-friendly Super Pads x 100

While our applicators are cardboard and recyclable, our Naked Tampons are made with significantly less packaging than the Applicator Tampons. 


Riley tampons are:

- 100% certified organic cotton
- Biodegradable
- Toxin-free 
- Chemical-free

Riley pads are:

- 100% certified organic cotton 
- Leak-proof with patented design
- Biodegradable
- Toxin-free
- Chemical-free


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Return policy

Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or returns once your order has been fulfilled.

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