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My First Period Bundle

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Your first period can be an exciting and confusing time. But don't worry, you're not alone. We're in this together.

Our 'First Period' bundle comes with useful information on what to expect with menstruation and a range of different period products to try out (we'll also throw in some cute Riley merch). We're all unique and what will work for one person might not work for the next. The only way to figure that out is to give them a go. Don't be scared - we explain how to use them all step by step. 

You can expect:

  • 2 x Day Pads
  • 2 x Night Pads
  • 2 x Regular Applicator Tampons
  • 2 x Super Applicator Tampons
  • 2 x Regular Naked Tampons
  • 2 x Super Naked Tampons 
  • 1 x Mini Canvas Storage Pouch
  • 1 x Cosy Riley Socks

Head over to the My First Period Page for a full lowdown on what to expect as well as all the questions you want answered.

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Riley tampons are:

- 100% certified organic cotton
- Biodegradable
- Toxin-free 
- Chemical-free

Riley pads are:

- 100% certified organic cotton 
- Leak-proof with patented design
- Biodegradable 
- Toxin-free
- Chemical-free


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